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A Year in Review 2022

Crazy Crazy Crazy! I am sure you have all felt the pinch as the year grew. Inflation is up 15% and seems there is no end. Crazy!!

Covid-19 has now become a normal disease that most folks don't freak out over. The Flu has returned in it's full glory! And RSV has become the number child disease this winter. It truly suxs!

Our little shop has been busy this year despite our crazy times. Too be honest I do not make enough to break that poverty line but am able to contribute to paying the bills. I guess at this point I can be grateful for that. I look forward to the day when this little Shack can crank out product that can pay for all that we want and cover our needs.

Just as a side note....we joined TikTok world (@memasterson &@ozarkmountainmantom) and our herbal talk on Mullein went viral (1.5 million views)!!! We want to thank you for helping us share our knowledge with the world. Neither Tom or I have any children ( mine passed away in 1997) so we made a conscious decision to share with you our knowledge and will continue too! Our legacy is YOU!

Many thanks, gratitude and appreciation to all our followers!!!

May God Bless You All!

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