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Homestead Classes

Do you want to learn a new skill? Do you want to brush up on a skill that we offer? Are you considering the homesteading journey? Basic skills are necessary on a homestead. Come learn with us!

Classes Start Aug 30th

Do you have a SPECIAL PROJECT you are working on? Need answers? Want to see it for yourself? Call Us....We have years of experience with lots of different things (i.e. solar power living, horse/mule logging, growing gardens of all kinds, variety of animal husbandry (i.e veterinary care, hoof care, worming both commercial & natural, etc.) and more!

Hot Shaped Metal

Basic Blacksmith Skills

Learn from our skilled blacksmith of 30+ yrs.


Classes start at $75/day includes a regular meal

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Full Farm Tour

Take a full tour of the farm and learn from 25+ yrs. experienced homesteaders. Asking all the questions you may have. Spend the whole day with us experiencing a day at the farm!

Starts at $75/day includes a meal...families encouraged (call us with count for meal)


Sawmill/Sawyer Skills

Have you had the desire to run a chainsaw or better yet a bandsaw sawmill? Classes available(TBA)

starts at $75/day includes a meal


Pressure Canning 101

Learn from 40 years of experience. By the time you leave this class you will be well versed in pressure canning.

$75/day meal included & go home with finished product..Have a canner you don't know how to use? Bring it! We will get you comfortable with it!


Basic Leathersmith Skills

Learn from our skilled leathersmith of 35+ yrs.

Classes start at $75/day includes a regular meal

Sewing Machine

Sewing 101

Learn from a life long seamstress. Pick her brain on the tricks of the trade. Sew a simple planned project & go home with finished product. ......Have a machine of your own that you don't know how to use? Bring it! We will teach you how to use it! $75/day meal included

Book A Class

Classes Start August 30th....

1395 Madison 311, Marquand, Missouri 63655


If you are traveling to our area we have local B&B's and campgrounds for overnight stays.

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