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Our Story

I machine sew custom period vintage wear for men, women and children.

My specialties are quilts, native beadwork, crochet/knitting and period clothing.


We are located in Southeast Missouri.

Organic cotton field


From our shop to you!

We have researched for years to bring you the proper, authentic, historical garments and accessories for your next event. We pride ourselves on making unique, custom pieces that you can be proud of!

Our Shop

The projects coming out of our shop have been made carefully to your style and size. We work hard to pay attention to detail to the best of our ability.

We make most of our products by machine unless otherwise stated on product description.

she shack2.jpg
Linen loom

Our Fabrics

100% Cotton Fabric

We use reproduction quality cotton fabric in our garments that are period correct. All fabric used has been researched to match those who wore similar all those years ago!

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